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Important: Your SoundBridge will reboot when you click "Change". You should disconnect from your music library (using your remote) before changing the name. You may need to reload this page manually after the SoundBridge reboots.


The SoundBridge user interface is fully customizable for languages using the UTF-8 character set via its string resource file. To select a language, choose one from the menu below. To add a new language or modify an existing one, download the current language resource file, modify it to support your changes, and then use the update link below.

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View Current Language Resource File .

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You may select whether your SoundBridge shows the time and date when in standby, or blanks the screen. You may also select what your SoundBridge should do when it is restarted (for example in a power outage).

In Standby:
Upon Restart:

Date Format

You can change how your SoundBridge displays the date by modifying the elements and separators below.


Time format

You can change how your SoundBridge displays the time by modifying the elements and separators below.

Before Noon:
After Noon:

Time Zone & Network Time

Your SoundBridge gets the time from the Internet. To display it properly, you need to select your time zone.

Time Zone:
Network Time Server:

Manual Time and Date Setting

If your SoundBridge is not connected to the Internet, it will not set its time and date automatically. You may set the time and date here. Enter the time in 12-hour ("2:24 PM") or 24-hour ("14:24") format, not including seconds. Enter the date in MM-DD-YYYY format. If your SoundBridge connects to the Internet, its time and date will be updated.


WMA Lossless Transcoding

Your SoundBridge can play WMA Lossless files if the server supports transcoding of WMA Lossless to PCM. The SoundBridge uses the bitrate of the song file to determine whether to request transcoding. You may set the bitrate above which your SoundBridge will request transcoding. Choose 0 to transcode all files.

Bitrate (0-400kbps):